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Ft. Myers Chinese Drywall

Ft. Myers Chinese Drywall

Ft. Myers Chinese drywall is a huge problem. The Department of Health in Florida has indicated that homes built between 2005 and 2008 are affected. Other sources indicate that homes built as early as 2001 are affected. Some estimate that enough drywall was imported to build 100,000 homes. It is likely that dramatically more homes are affected as several studies have indicated that most homes were not built entirely with one brand of drywall. Because of the humidity in Florida, Chinese drywall in Ft. Myers has been the first material to produce increased levels of the sulfur gas that causes health issues and property damage.

My Ft. Myers home has no symptoms of Chinese drywall, why do I need an inspection?

Your home in Ft. Myers may not, in fact, contain Chinese drywall. The problem lies with the fact that potential buyers will not be satisfied by the absence of Chinese drywall symptoms in Ft. Myers. The financial risk of Ft. Myers Chinese drywall is tremendous — the cost of repairing Chinese drywall in Ft. Myers can easily exceed $100,000. Any test that is not insurable does not protect against the financial and health risks of Chinese sheet rock in Ft. Myers. A home that does not have Chinese drywall can still suffer from the stigma of Chinese sheet rock. Potential buyers may not consider a home – they may avoid it altogether – if a home in the same neighborhood is confirmed to have Chinese drywall. The opportunity to include, in your property listing, that the home is “100% certified and insured as free of Chinese drywall,” will provide peace of mind necessary to sell the home.

In addition, your insurer or lender will typically require more than a simple visual Chinese drywall test. A guaranteed testing protocol allows them to be able to renew homeowners insurance or refinance the home.

Ft. Myers Chinese Drywall and Adverse Health Effects

Chinese drywall in Ft. Myers is reportedly linked to dozens of adverse health issues. These health issues include, but are not limited to, severe headaches, chronic nose bleeds, skin irritation, constant coughing, sinus infections, and eye irritation. All of the agencies investigating these health issues have yet to conclusively confirm the health risks, but reports linking them to Ft. Myers Chinese drywall are wide spread. In the process of investigating Ft. Myers Chinese drywall, the Consumer Products Safety Commission employees reported symptoms similar to those that have been reported by those who live in the homes. The health consequences of long term exposure to Chinese drywall in Ft. Myers have not yet been conclusively determined.

Chinese Drywall in Ft. Myers is Causing Property Damage

Ft. Myers Chinese drywall is also causing catastrophic property damage. Defective drywall also produces a sulfur gas. This gas then combines with the airborne humidity to create a significantly corrosive environment. This corrosive gas damages just about each and every aspect of a home. This corrosion causes failure of most electronic components, including appliances, electronics, computers, and air conditionings. Many Ft. Myers home owners who have been victims of Chinese drywall have reported that they have to replace air conditioning units several times per year!

Chinese Drywall Inspectors in Ft. Myers — Buyer Beware!

Ft. Myers has been inundated with Chinese drywall inspectors who offer Chinese sheet rock testing. The majority of these inspectors only offer limited inspections – either simple visual inspections for symptoms and signs of corrosion. Some others also offer material testing on a limited basis. Because many Ft. Myers homes were only built partially with Chinese sheet rock, limited material tests are not adequate. Homes built in Ft. Myers Chinese drywall with 30% Chinese drywall and 70% domestic drywall cannot be tested without extensive material testing. Without a guaranteed protocol, a test of Chinese drywall is worthless.

Results of a guaranteed and comprehensive Chinese drywall inspection are insurable. The benefit of an insurable protocol is that the results are guaranteed. A negative test result, based on our testing protocol for Chinese drywall in Ft. Myers allows our clients to purchase insurance specifically to protect against any risks associated with Chinese drywall. This insurance helps to market a home for sale. There are various benefits of this insurance application.

Chinese Drywall and Ft. Myers Property Values

Entire Ft. Myers neighborhoods have been dramatically affected by Chinese drywall. Most estimates are that Ft. Myers Chinese drywall affects 40% of the homes in the affected neighborhoods. Although some Ft. Myers homes do not have Chinese drywall, the other 60% are also affected by the stigma. Even though some of these homes do not contain Chinese sheet rock, they are still affected by the fear of the fact that the home may have Chinese drywall in Ft. Myers. Unwilling to risk purchasing a home that is contaminated by toxic drywall in Ft. Myers, most prospective buyers will avoid entire neighborhoods if they know that any single home in that neighborhood has been affected. None of these buyers will consider these areas. Instead, they will simply move on to other options. Due to this dynamic, market values continue to plunge. Many of these Ft. Myers neighborhoods have witnessed severe price reductions because of Ft. Myers Chinese drywall. Many homes are not selling at all. When homes do sell, they have been selling at a dramatically reduced discount. A guarantee that the home is free of Chinese sheet rock can help to alleviate this market condition.

Certified Chinese Drywall Testing offers the nation’s only insurable testing protocol for Chinese drywall. A negative test for Chinese drywall in Tampa proves that your Tampa home does not contain Chinese drywall. A home that tests negative for Chinese drywall based on our testing protocol makes it possible for the home owner to purchase an insurance policy that specifically covers any damage associated with the future discovery of Chinese drywall in Tampa. The policy is also assignable. Homeowners who are trying to sell their home can offer this policy as peace of mind that the home does not contain Chinese drywall. This makes it possible to sell your Tampa home without the drastic price reductions necessary to sell homes affected by Chinese drywall. The homeowner can purchase this policy and assign it to the buyer, thereby protecting the new buyer from any risk associated with Chinese drywall! This policy is able to overcome the Tampa Chinese drywall stigma.

Chinese Drywall in Ft. Myers and Builders

Similarly, this Ft. Myers Chinese drywall stigma has involved residential builders. Both based out of Florida, Lennar and Engle Homes have acknowledged using of Chinese drywall in Ft. Myers. In addition, several other are involved. When a builder has acknowledged using Chinese drywall in a Ft, Myers neighborhood, potential buyers have reacted in a similar fashion. Prospective buyers are avoiding any homes that were built by builders who are affected. This traps potential sellers in with a home that cannot be sold. Because it is 100% insurable and guaranteed, our protocol alleviates the fear and stigma of Ft. Myers Chinese drywall.

Certified Chinese Drywall Testing, LLC has been advised that some builders have taken the intiative to begin the process of repairing Ft. Myers Chinese drywall. This repair is no small job and the work can take as long as 6 months. Beyond that, the work is not cheap. While these companies should be commended for taking the initiative, home owners are advised to be extremely careful. These home owners should pay close attention to anything that they are asked to sign by the builder. Often, the waivers required by builders contain clauses to prevent any future claims or law suits by the owner. They owners is effectively forbidden to make any claims relating to Ft. Myers Chinese drywall. Because of this, it is suggested that home owners request a third party test for Chinese drywall. Home owners should insist as part of the agreement that the builder also purchase and fund the insurance policy on behalf of the home owner. This policy will protect the home owners in the vent that an issue with Chinese drywall were to arise. In addition, the policy is assignable and can be used to help market the home when selling it in the future.

It has also been prevalent in Louisiana Chinese Drywall.