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Virginia Chinese Drywall

Chinese Drywall in Virginia

Chinese drywall in Virginia has been reported at a slower rate than the three other states.  Each of the three states are located deeper in the Southeast and are exposed to higher heat and humidity.  These two factors have been linked to the rate at which Chinese drywall in Virginia produces the corrosive gases.  Because Virginia Chinese drywall is exposed to far lower rates of heat and humidity than homes that were built in other areas of the Country.

Even though Chinese drywall in Virginia is exposed to lower heat and humidity, Virginia has the fourth highest reported cases of Chinese drywall.  This is due in large part to the huge volume of construction that occurred in Virginia during the recent construction boom.  That construction boom exacerbated the drywall shortage and led to the importation of Chinese drywall.  Although Virginia did not suffer the damages of the 2004 and 2005 hurricane season, the shortage of domestic drywall was experienced nationwide.

Where has Chinese drywall in Virginia been found?

Chinese drywall in Virginia has thus far centered around the Virginia coast.  This is likely due to the heat and humidity link discussed above.  Most experts agree that Chinese drywall in Virginia will be widespread.  Much of Northern Virginia led the nation in growth during the construction boom.  Due to the shear volume of construction, the bulk of the cases will likely occur in Northern Virginia.  These Virginia Chinese drywall cases will be reported more slowly as home owners become more aware of the issue and the symptoms of Chinese drywall in Virginia begin to appear.

Several large builders that operate heavily in Virginia have acknowledged that they installed Chinese drywall.  It is likely that other smaller local and regional builders also installed Chinese drywall in Virginia.

How has Chinese drywall in Virginia affected resale?

Virginia has not experienced the volume of cases of Chinese drywall yet, but the level is slowly increasing.  As such, Virginia Chinese drywall issues are likely to increase.  Already, homes in neighborhoods that are known to be affected are very difficult to sell.  These home owners are suffering from the stigma Chinese drywall in Virginia.  Many home owners find that, although their home may not have Chinese drywall, a home in their neighborhood does.  Or, a home built by their builder has been confirmed to contain Chinese drywall in Virginia.  This situation has paralyzed potential buyers.

This issue is even more common when dealing with Chinese drywall in Virginia.  Because the visual symptoms of Chinese drywall in Virginia are slower to show up, most potential buyers do not take comfort in the fact that there is no visual corrosion.  Many of the homes in other states exhibit corrosion and odor associated with Chinese drywall.  The absence of these symptoms in those areas provide a minimal level of comfort in those states.  That is not the case when dealing with potential Chinese drywall in Virginia.  In general, these symptoms are slower to manifest themselves in Virginia.  Therefore, the fact that a home does not have the tell tale signs of Chinese drywall in Virginia does not provide even minimal comfort for potential buyers.

How have insurance companies reacted to Chinese drywall in Virginia?

It can also be expected that insurance companies in Virginia will begin to take steps similar to those they have taken in other areas, preemptively dropping or issuing non-renewal notices to home owners whose home is somehow related to a home confirmed to contain Chinese drywall in Virginia.  Because homes in Virginia with Chinese drywall have an increased risk of house fires — due to the corroded electrical systems — insurance companies will require homes that may contain Chinese drywall in Virginia to prove otherwise. For example, if an insurance company happens to insure several homes in a neighborhood, which is highly likely, and one of the homes submits a claim and is confirmed to contain Chinese drywall, that insurance company may refuse to renew policies until the other homes can prove that they are not affected.

The insurance policy that can be obtained as part of a negative test for Chinese drywall in Virginia by Certified Chinese Drywall Testing will satisfy potential buyers and insurance companies that they are not exposed to any risk associated with Chinese drywall.  This policy is also assignable.  In the event that you sell your home, you can transfer the policy to the new home owner, providing the peace of mind necessary for such a large decision.

The average Chinese drywall test in Virginia costs $1,500.  Larger homes will have a slightly higher cost.  In addition, group/bulk discounts are available.  Contact us for a free estimate for your Virginia Chinese drywall test inspection.

The Virginia cities with the largest number of reported cases are

  • Virginia Beach
  • Chesapeake
  • Newport News
  • Williamsburg
  • Petersburg
  • Fairfax